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Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

1st Meeting of Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) was successfully held on 4th may, 2018 in CE board room, civil engineering department. More than 10 members from different industries across the country participated in this meeting.

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Sports Gala 2018 Achievements

Over all more than 30 departments participated in UoL Sports Gala along with Civil Engineering. Among such stiff competition the department teams performed really well in all the games. The honorable chief guest was Ms. Ammara Rauf (director student affairs) for this event.

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Annual Dinner 2018

The Society of Civil Engineers arranged a beautiful event " The Annual Dinner 2018 " with the cooperation of OSA and Civil Engineering Department on 16th March 2018.

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Spots Gala 2018

The university strongly recognizes the value of sports and recreation. For this purpose, the infrastructure for sports, recreation and other extra curricular activities has been established accordingly. Annual sports gala is conducted every year. For this year it is starting on 4th April 2018.

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Upcoming CPD Activity

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity will be held on 16th march 2018 by the department on Computerized Analysis and Design of Structures.

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1st PEC DEANs International Conference of Engineering Institutions

A two day 1st PEC Deans International Conference of Engineering Institutions on Engineering Education Standardization, Challenges and Solutions-Post Washington Accord Scenario was organized by PEC, HEC & Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries. This conference was sponsored by The University of Lahore as a Platinum Sponsor Category.

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EHS Safety Training Workshop by Fatima Energy(Ltd) & Pak Safety Solutions

The Dept. has held three (3) safety training workshops and special drills and exercises. There is an effective policy on EHS and it is ensured that all students, staff, contractors, temporary workers and visitors are made aware of their individual responsibilities. In particular, safety is being practiced, for example there is a functional safety management system put in place, safety signage are visible, safety markings are clear and according to standards, fire extinguishers meet the intended

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National Conference on Rehabilitation & Strengthening of Structures

A National Conference titled "National Conference on Rehabilitation & strengthening of Structures (NCRSS)" was held in December 13-14, 2017 by the CE Department for presentation of relevant research papers both by faculty members and experts from other universities and institutions.

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International Advisory Board (INAB) & Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

The civil engineering department has recently launched an International Advisory Board & Industry Advisory Board which are well structured with experts to actively participate in the development of the Civil Engineering Department (CED) with mutual interest of students, faculty and management and aligns CED to produce civil engineering graduates who can employ their higher potential for the development of the civil engineering profession.

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Outcome Based Learning & its Role in Institutions/ Industries

The department of civil engineering has initiated towards Outcome Based Education. In this regard the department has conducted his first seminar OBE successfully.

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