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Civil Engineering

The Department:

The Department of Civil Engineering is actively offering graduate and post-graduate programs in Civil Engineering.  It has academic staff of 46; some of them are contributing to postgraduate teaching and are also involved in MSc research work. The Department has well-equipped labs and other infrastructure facilities.  Graduates from The University of Lahore are not only catering for the national development needs such as buildings, transportation, dams, bridges, irrigation network and water supply systems but also contributing in the international markets.

Graduate Courses of Study:

The Department offers full time program of four years duration for BSc degree in Civil Engineering.  At graduate level,emphasis is on the fundamental concepts and principles, which constitute the basis of civil engineering practices. To foster their creative abilities, the students are assigned projects on design, construction, computational and experimental investigations for self-directed execution. The classroom and laboratory work is supplemented by the instructional tours to acquaint students with Civil Engineering projects of national importance.  Survey is mandatory and is held to impart intensive field training where the students plan and execute survey of large areas. Internship is also mandatory to get some field and professional experience, along with technical report writing.

Post Graduate Studies & Research:

In order to satisfy the increasing demand for advanced civil engineering education, the department offers MSc degree course in Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural, Hydraulics & Irrigation, Environmental and Geo technical disciplines covering the most recent knowledge and developments in these fields. The courses contain a balance of analytical and professional aspects and are designed to suit the needs of fresh graduates and those with professional experience. The tremendous and multi-sectorial potential for development projects in the country requires the services of civil engineers trained to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain Civil Engineering works for the control and utilization of available resources. 




Minimum criteria for the admission in PhD Program:

    a)    A minimum CGPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) or60% marks (First Division in the Annual System) 

                  in   M.Phil. /M.Sc. or Equivalent degree is required.

    b)    A subject test conducted by the National Testing Service(NTS) or ETS, USA in the area of specialization applied for 


PhD studies must be passed obtaining:

  1.        In case of GAT subject test, a minimum of 60% marks is required to pass the test.
  2.        In the case GRE subject test, the minimum of 60% percentile score is required to pass the test.
  3.        If the Test is not available in NTS subject list, then a University Committee consisting of at least 3 PhD faculty                             members in the subject area and approved by the HEC will conduct the Test at par with GRE Subject Test                                and qualifying score for this will be 70% score.

PhD Degree Awarding Criteria:

  1.   Course work of minimum 18 credit hours preferably in thefirst year is required to be completed and followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher.
  2.  After 1 year, candidate will be asked to write a mini thesisfor the evaluation of his work, after which selection and approval of     research topic will be done.
  3. The PhD Dissertation must be evaluated by at least two PhD experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries  in addition to local Committee members (3 or more members).
  4.  Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper based on the PhD research in an HEC approved “X” category journal is a  requirement for the award of PhD degree.
  5.  The Plagiarism Test must be conducted on the Dissertation before its submission to the two foreign experts, as described above.
  6.   Copy of approved PhD Dissertation (both hard and soft) must be submitted to HEC for record in PhD Country Directory and    for  attestation of the PhD degree by the HEC in future.

Departmental Criteria:

  1. There should be at least 3 relevant full time PhD Faculty members in a department to launchthe PhD program.
  2. The maximum number of PhD students under the supervision of afull time faculty member is fivewhich may be increased to eight under special circumstances subject to prior approval of the Higher EducationCommission. 

Why this


The department of Civil Engineering has initiated PhD program in Civil Engineering from winter semester, February 2015, by offering courses in the following four areas of interest:

  1.       Structures
  2.       Geotechnical
  3.       Hydraulics& Irrigation 
  4.       Environment

The student must select one of the above mentioned areas of interest and complete18 credit hours in that area by selecting courses from only one of the specified lists.  Basically,subjects may be selected by mutual consultation of the scholar and his PhD supervisor. The subjects have to be passed obtaining accumulative CGPA 3.0.Itis a mandatory to get at least CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 as required by HEC to appear in PhD comprehensive exam, otherwise the candidate will not be eligible to continue further PhD research studies.

Courses Offered

  1.   Structures
  2.  Geotechnical
  3.   Hydraulics& Irrigation 
  4.    Environment
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Full Time, 4 Years, 146 Credit Hours

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